Russian Cuisine

Main dishes

  Roast Stuffed Sucking Pig


1-1,5 kg buckwheat cereals
300 g fresh field mushrooms
200 g onion
100 g vegetable oil
salt to taste

Rinse the sucking-pig well. Dry, rub salt into the cavities with your fingers. Cut the pig down the center of the stomach side and stuff with the filling through the cut. Sew up the cut with a coarse thread using a common thick needle. Do not stuff the pig too tight because the stitch/seam might tear when the filling gets soaked/saturated with the juice and swells. Coat the pig with the vegetable oil and lay it flat, stomach side down, on a baking dish. Coat the ears and snout with pastry/dough or cover them with an aluminum foil to prevent from burning. Preheat the oven to 190-200 degrees C and place the pig inside. Bake till golden brown. You may turn the pig and pour running juice over it. Serve on a big dish together with fresh greens, boiled or pickled vegetables, or pickled fruit. Sort out the field mushrooms, rinse them well, chop finely and saute in the vegetable oil. Peel the onion, chop it finely and saute in the oil. Boil the buckwheat cereals, salt it to taste, stir in the sauteed field mushrooms and onion. You may also add the heart, liver e kidneys of the pig rinsed well, finely chopped and sauteed.

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