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  Compotes from Strawberries, Cow-berries and Blackb


Remove the stalks/stems from the berries. Sort out the berries according to the degree of ripeness, and take away crushed ones. Rinse the berries in cold water and place them in jars. Pour in boiling water or sugar syrup, put on lids and sterilize the jars. 0,5 lt. jars take 9-10 minutes for sterilizing; 1 lt. jars 10-12 minutes. Then the jars must be immediately sealed and cooled.

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  Raspberry Compote


Sort out the raspberries and put them in a colander and dip into a bucket of water. Then take out the colander, let the water drain away and remove the stalks/stems from the berries. If you have berries with grubs of the raspberry bug, dip them in 1-% salt solution (10 g salt per 1 lt. water) for 2 minutes. The grubs will come to the surface. Remove the grubs, put the raspberries in the colander and rinse them. Then place the berries into jars adding sugar (6-7 tablespoons per one 1,5 lt. jar). Fill the jars 1 cm above the neck, cover them with a gauze and let them rest for 4-5 hours. All this time the raspberries will be oozing juice, partially dissolving the sugar, and the contents of the jar will be self-condensing. As soon as the raspberries and the sugar sink to the bottom, cover the jars with lids and leave them in a saucepan with the water preheated to 40 degrees C. The 0,5 lt. jars are sterilized in 15 minutes. The saucepan should be covered during the sterilization. The water must not boil too much and the water level must be 3 cm below the neck of the jar. Right after the sterilization, seal up the jars, check the quality of the seal and cool them.

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