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We have four (4) very special packages for you to choose from. Each opportunity is described below. Your ad will appear on multiple Russian resources and you will be able to pick websites you want to run your ad.

In addition to running ads on our web sites, we are able to provide AdWords management for any of your existing campaigns. Extensive knowledge of AdWords as well as Russia related resources allows us to deliver good conversion rates as well as good returns on your advertisement dollars.

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Step 1: Choose Your Advertising Package

Advertising Packages Total  
150,000 120x60 banner advertising impressions $350 25,000 468x60 banners advertising impressions FREE $350
325,000 120x60 banner advertising impressions $900 100,000 468x60 banners advertising impressions FREE $900
250,000 468x60 banner advertising impressions $3,000 2,000,000 120x60 banners advertising impressions FREE $3,000
1,000,000 468x60 banner advertising impressions $6,000 4,000,000 120x60 banners advertising impressions FREE $6,000

Our site reaches around 40,000 unique users each month to its network of Internet sites. The audience consists of affluent, highly educated people who travel internationally regularly or are interested in Russian news, politics, culture. Many people are Russophiles of American origin, but majority are Russians who live abroad.

ADDED BENEFIT: You will be given a password and URL for access to the daily statistics of your campaign. Each day, you can see how many impressions were served and how may clicks you received.

Step 2: Choose Start and End Dates

All 468x60 ads should have a file size of no more than 15k.
All 120x60 ads should have a file size of no more than 9k.

Desired Start Date:

Month: Day: Year:

Desired End Date:

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Step 3: Customer Information

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