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  Astrology / Table of Pifagor

Result of day: December, 8 2017

SQUARE 1(5):
petty tyrant, very willful.

SQUARE 2 (bio-energy)(4):
you are very attractive for the opposite sex, and if you have 666 besides, beware of temptations!

SQUARE 3 (decency)(1):
you care about disorder but mostly it depends on your mood.

SQUARE 4 (health)(0):
no 4-s means that you are a very ill person.

SQUARE 5 (Math.rounduition)(1):
open channel, you make less mistakes.

SQUARE 6 (earthiness)(0):
no 6-s means that you were born to get a profession, you need to do manual labor but don't really like it.

SQUARE 7 (talent)(2):
this is a very strong sign, especially if the strength is properly developed. You are gifted in music and have a good artistic taste. If there is 2 or 1 in the calculation, it means that your selfishness will lead you and your talent, which obviously nobody needs. You are a blade-runner and have both negative and positive sides in your character. The whole world is open for you. If you ever get into trouble, your friends will be there for you and help you to win any case in court or get out of debt. From the early days of you life, you must learn to be more altruistic.

SQUARE 8 (responsibility)(2):
you are very responsible and always wish to help others.

SQUARE 9 (Math.roundellect)(0):
No data.