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  Russian Astrology / Horoscop of Druids

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  People born at night tend to have premonitions and to foresee. Those who were born in the day-time are inclined to be unconcerned about material benefit. Both "types" are generous and self-sacrificing. They are sociable, hard-working and successful. "Birch" people like to receive advice on their private life and can bother others for nothing. Beautiful and slender, they can't stand vulgar things. They also like to give and receive presents.
  Restrained. Firm. Noble. They spend the young years on their establishment, well-being and self-shaping. After that they lead a quiet and rational life. "Beech" people often live to be very old. They are sound and sensible, strong and beautiful, and also very reliable. They work hard to successfully fulfil all their plans. Often spare and even stingy, they lack fantasy in their love-life. However, they are caring and home-loving.
  Generous and open people. Reserved, cool and self-possessed. Normally they are quite reasonable but can also be unbalanced. Very demanding of themselves, they cannot tolerate other people's mistakes and flaws. They have a noble and sympathetic nature. "Elm" people can be rather bossy. They have a good sense of humor but at the same time are practically-minded and extremely particular about moral principles. Big, well-proportioned people.
  Reasonable and disciplined. Honest. Cautious about initiative and enthusiasm. They are passionate and idealistic in their youth but grow less concerned in later life. In a way ambitious and vain, they tend to care a lot about formalities. Very dutiful people. They never tell anyone about their private life. Beautiful. Refined.
  Far-sighted. Obstinate. Generous and firm. Conservative and independent. Wise but not sly. They never deceive anyone and do not let themselves be deceived by others. Honest and straightforward. Long-livers. Practical and self-centered, businesslike. Apt to reach definite goals and fulfil definite tasks. Hard to make friends with. They live a comfortable life. Strong people, important and dignified. Defenders of the weak. They fall in love very easily and every time believe that this will last forever.
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