Name* Aamir
Sex* man
Country* United Kingdom
Region bo
Age* 24
Height 5'6''
Weight 150 lb
Eye color Brown
Hair color Blond
Nationality Pakistan
Language Pashtu Urdu English
Family status Single
Education Post Graduate
Occupation plant engineering
Religion Muslim
Zodiac Libra
Smoking Not at all
Drinking Spring water
Misc just saw you, and you looked amazing.
I wanted to talk to you; I wanted you to want to talk to me too.
I wanted it to be like old times, but I realized those days are over and you've moved on...
Want to find* Why Do People Fall In Love
why do people fall in love,
like little doves.
Like trying to find someone to love.
Is like trying to find a four leave clover
in a field of cloves.
Nickname* fact3333