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  Paskha (Easter cheese cake)


1 kg cottage cheese
5-10 egg yolks
200 g granulated sugar
100-200 candied fruit
dried peel from one lemon (or orange)
¼ teaspoon vanilla extract

Easter has always been the most beloved Orthodox holiday. It's wonderfully joyous, bright and beautiful. So is the holiday table. Paskha is a special Easter cake traditionally baked from very fresh cottage cheese and fresh eggs. It is convenient to use a special form for this Easter dish, which is a hollow 4-side pyramid consisting of 4 wooden boards.

Mix fresh egg yolks with sugar and vanilla extract. In a small bowl, combine it with the cottage cheese, finely chopped dried lemon or orange peel, mix well. Place the mixture into a special hollow 4-side pyramidal form, place something heavy over it and leave in the refrigerator for 1-2 days. Then turn the form over and remove the wooden board of the pyramid. You may decorate the top of the pyramid with multicolored candied fruit, chocolate or jelly figures. Add some rum or liqueur to make your paskha more fragrant.

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