Russian Cuisine




Make a vegetable stock using the ingredients listed for Green Shchi, but omitting the short ribs. Simmer the stock for about 40 minutes, strain, and discard the vegetables. Continue to make Green Shchi. After the sorrel and spinach have been added, and the soup brought to a boil, remove the pot from the heat and allow the soup to cool. Peel 3 cucumbers, cut into quarters lengthwise, and slice a scant 1/4-inch thick. Place the cucumbers, dill, and scallions in a tureen, add the cooled soup, and refrigerate for 1 1 ½ hours, or until cold. Dilute the heavy cream with 1 cup of strained stock, mix well, and return to the tureen, stirring until well blended. Serve in chilled bowls, garnished as for Green Shchi.

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