Russian Cuisine


  Moscow Kvass


Although the Moscow kvass is made from any fruits and berries in the same way, still, each fruit has its own specific qualities and there are things to consider. Dried lemon peel adds bitterness to apple taste. Do not fill the saucepan with ash-berries up to the brim, fill just 1/3rd of the space. Otherwise, the kvass tastes too bitter. In the old times, they put rose-petals into kvass from black currants. Try to make your own improvements of the recipe according to your taste. It is not necessary to use yeast or ferment here.

Put any sorts of fruit or berries (apples, pears, ash-berries, cow-berries) in a capacious saucepan. Fill the saucepan with the fruit nearly up to the brim, pour in some cold boiled water and leave it in a cold spot. When the drink is ready, our out some of the liquid and add sugar to taste. Donít forget to pour in the same quantity of water. The Moscow kvass is kept in a cold spot for a few weeks. If the drink at first seems to be too saturated, you may dilute it with water. When the kvass gradually loses its flavor and taste, put fresh berries instead of the old ones.

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