Russian Cuisine


  Apple Juice


The easiest method to get juice from apples is that of the so-called “diffusion”. For this you will need 3-lt. jars with wide mouth. Place 1,5 kg chopped apples into Jar 1. Chop them into bars, small pieces or grate coarsely. Do not cut seeds because cut seeds add bitter taste to the juice. Place the apple cores as whole pieces. Then fill the jar with hot water (60-70 degrees C) up to the “shoulders” and let it stand for 6-8 hours. Place 1,5 kg chopped apples into Jar 2 and fill it with warm juice from Jar 1. Fill Jar 1 with hot water again. In 6-8 hours do the same with Jar 3: fill it with the juice from Jar 2, pre-boiled to 60-80 degrees C. The juice from Jar 3 is ready. The jars form a certain “row”. Remove the marc from Jar 1 when it loses the apple taste. Put fresh apples into the jar and place it at the end of the row. Replacing the jars in this way you can get up to 5 lt. of juice a day. This high quality juice has no pieces of pulp in it and contains 70-80% dissoluble matters/substances of the apples you take. If you make a row of 4 jars, you get even more of this perfect juice. You may drink it or pasteurize for a long-term preservation. This method does for any fruits that are hard enough and also for some berries like currants or gooseberries.

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