Russian Cuisine


  Vegetable Sandwich “Mosaic”


1 medium red beet
1 carrot
1 turnip
1 horse radish
2 radishes
2 rings vegetable marrow
3 rings fresh cucumber
1 slice pumpkin
3 twigs dill
parsley or celery
15-20 fresh or canned cranberries
whortleberries or raspberries

Peel the vegetables, rinse and ring them thin. Make a general dressing: place curds/cottage cheese in an enamel bowl and rub it, gradually adding soured cream and mayonnaise until the mixture is even. Cover the vegetable slices with the general i?ei?aaa. Put greens and fresh or canned berries over the slices and serve. You may decorate the slices using a cooking syringe filled with the dressing.

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