Russian Cuisine


  Sandwich with Cheese, Fruit and Vegetables


2 apples
? pack processed cheese
1 table spoon grated beet (not boiled)
2 cloves garlic

This is just one example of a non-standard sandwich with an apple instead of bread but in fact, you can make sandwiches of all kinds using your imagination. Prepare various paste fillings from a wide range of meat, fish, vegetables and other products and decorate your sandwiches with spicy greens, vegetables and edible wild herbs. Do not use too much butter in meat or fish feelings (which contain a lot of fat already). When you are trying hard to get a better flavor or “look” of a sandwich, make sure it is also good for your health. A sandwich with salad leaves and greens look particularly good.

Ring the well-rinsed apples. Combine the grated beet, well-rinsed редис, pieces of processed cheese and finely shredded garlic. Decorate the apples rings with this mixture trying to preserve the color range to make the sandwiches look brighter. Serve on a dish with greens and fruit.

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